Moisture Vapor Emission & pH Testing
and Inspection Services 



Concrete Floor Slab Inspections

· Calcium Chloride Vapor Emission Testing, per ASTM F 1869-11*

· In-situ Concrete Relative Humidity Testing, per ASTM F 2170-11 - Single or Multiple Readings, Data Logger Graphing*

· Surface Alkalinity Testing, per ASTM F 710-08 (Meter)*

· Relative Humidity Insulated Hood Testing, per ASTM F 2420-05 - Standard Test*

· Concrete Sealer / Vapor Barrier Effectiveness Testing (Modified ASTM F 2420-05, (for comparative analysis only)

· Preliminary Evaluation of Comparative Moisture Condition, per ASTM F 2659-10

· Qualitative Moisture by Plastic Sheet Method, per ASTM D 4263

 *Note: pH testing is included with ASTM F 1869, F 2170 and F 2420

Reporting of Inspection and Test Results

Included as Standard

 · Standard Report Form, Enhanced per ASTM

· Blue Print / As Built Plotting for ASTM F 1869, F 2170, F 2420 and PH (Owner Supplied Prints)

· Digital Pictures (ASTM D 4263 only)

· Digital Graphing (ASTM F 2170 Data Logging only)

· Report Review




· Digital Pictures (for ASTM F 1869, F 2170, F 2420 and pH)

· Grid Plotting for ASTM F 2659-10 (Owner Supplied Prints)

· Document Review


Services Arranged and Managed


· Concrete Core Sample Drilling

· Petrographic Analysis of Concrete Cores


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